Have You Met Miss Jones?


This song was orig­i­nally fea­tured in the 1937 musi­cal com­edy, “I’d Rather Be Right” by Richard Rodgers, with lyrics by Lorenz Hart 1937, but was a com­monly cov­ered jazz stan­dard through­out the swing­ing 1950’s and 1960’s. True, Ella and Ol’ Blue Eyes both cov­ered the song to great applause, but I like these two instru­men­tal ver­sions much much bet­ter. One is by The Oscar Peter­son Trio from their 1964 album We Get Requests from Verve, the other is George Shear­ing from his 1980 stu­dio album On A Clear Day (though it may also exist on ear­lier record­ings, my research hit a wall there). Enjoy!

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