Up on Cripple Creek — Levon Helm Tribute Week


Levon Helm sang lead vocals and played drums on this iconic song recorded for 1969’s epony­mous sec­ond album from The Band. A live per­for­mance of “Up on Crip­ple Creek” also appears in The Band’s live con­cert film The Last Waltz and it’s accom­pa­ny­ing sound­track. In addi­tion, a live ver­sion of the song appears on Before the Flood.

Up on Crip­ple Creek” is notable as it is one of the first accounts of a Hohner Clavinet being played with a wah-wah pedal. The riff can be heard after the cho­rus of the song. The Clavinet, espe­cially in tan­dem with a wah pedal was a sound that became famous in the early to mid ‘70s espe­cially in funk music, and con­tin­ues to be pop­u­lar to this day.

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