Rain Playlist


A Rain Playlist is a must-do/ must-have for a music blog­ger, music lover, some­one who loves playlists, etc. I’m all three, so let’s just say I’m over­due. But you have no idea how over­due. I started work­ing on this con­cept eight years ago. It’s had many incar­na­tions before today. But I’ve always been strug­gling to get the list to a point where it matchs my emo­tions and sen­ti­ments for rainy days. It seemed like there were always these sneaky lit­tle happy songs that man­aged their way into the list because they had the word “rain” in the title, but they never fit how I really felt in my head on a rainy day, and so the playlist remained unpublished/ unfin­ished. But here is my chef-d’oeuvre. At least for now. I will prob­a­bly do another one in a decade and it will be awe­some to com­pare the two and see how much or if I’ve changed at all in what I’m exposed to and how I feel about rain. Right now, rain is still very mel­low and sad to me. Very folk music. Very quiet and con­tem­pla­tive. Very grey days and look­ing out the win­dow and lis­ten­ing to it while I read. It requires read­ing. It’s unnat­ural to be on the com­puter or watch­ing t.v. while there’s rain. It’s nap­ping. It’s the lights off and think­ing about life. It’s unlined jour­nals. It’s col­ored pen­cils. And it’s music.


  1. I Think It’s Going To Rain” per­formed by Nina Simone:
  2. Kathy’s Song” by Simon & Gar­funkel:
  3. Comin’ Down In The Rain” by Nanci Grif­fith:
  4. Pour” by Lori McKenna:
  5. 1000 Oceans” Tori Amos:
  6. Dreams” by Fleet­wood Mac:
  7. I Get The Blues When It Rains” per­formed by Judy Gar­land:
  8. Buck­ets of Rain” by Bob Dylan:
  9. Rainy Day” by Guster:
  10. Baby The Rain Must Fall” by Glenn Yarbrough:
  11. Rainy Day Peo­ple” by Gor­don Light­foot:
  12. I’m Sit­tin’ In The Rain” by John May­all feat. Eric Clap­ton:
  13. Early Morn­ing Rain” by Ian & Sylvia:
  14. Have You Ever Seen The Rain” by CCR:
  15. Fire & Rain” by James Tay­lor:
  16. Rain” by Patty Grif­fin:
  17. I Wish It Would Rain” by The Temp­ta­tions:
  18. Why Does It Always Rain On Me” by Travis:

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  1. Jeff says:

    Had to scroll down to #17 to find the quin­tes­sen­tial… Now, we need the rain to sunny day list.
    Sunny, sunny da!
    Good day sun­shine!
    etc etc etc

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